New park in Ooty, its Dinosaur this time, with different animated Dinosaurs, which look like same as original dinosaurs in the park. Sure it could be more entertaining for Ooty tourist in this season.

Year by year many new sightseeing attractions has been added in Ooty sightseeing places and this year its Dinosaur park to increase the number of tourists in this peak season. Tourists coming to Ooty need variety in sightseeing places, and to cope up with the interest of tourists, a new dinosaur park also called Thunder park has been opened in Ooty.

Models of 23 dinasaurs, made of Chinese plastics, is also called as Thunder Park which will be open to the public from January 10, in this tourist town Ooty. The park, built at a cost of Rs 12 crore at a one acre land near Boat House. 40 to 60 feet tall, 16 dinasaurs are moving ones, giving a live effect for the enjoyment

The special about the Dinosaur park is the animated dinosaur which replicates the action of original Dinosaur. Dinosaur park has been opened mainly to attract children, as they can enjoy the visual treat of animated Dinosaur. Apart from the Dinosaur, children play area and gardens are also included in the Dinosaur park.