This is a huge rock, about 10 km from Coonoor, that resembles what else but a dolphin’s nose. The drive is not very smooth but the spot is popular. From here you can also see Catherine Falls. Law’s falls is yet another scenic drive and a popular picnic spot, 7 km from Coonoor, on the road to Mettupalaiyam. Droog Fort, 15 km from Coonoor, is another place with awesome views. To get there, you have to trudge 4 km through the Nonsuch Tea Estate. With hairpin turns and breath stopping narrow roads, the road to Dolphin’s Nose is as fascinating as the place. It’s a tourists’ favourite, for it’s one of the best viewpoints to gaze at the endless charm of nature that spreads all around. Watching a sunset of sunrise from Dolphin’s Nose is nothing less than an ethereal experience, for the sheer beauty of it all. Well, at 1000 feet above the sea level, you can’t expect anything less than that. A green, swaying cover of tea plantations stretch for miles, soothing both mind and soul. Let the wind ruffle your hair as you sit soaking in the wonders of a rising sun from atop Dolphin’s Nose. A gigantic rock formation, jaw dropping gorges sit on both the sides of it, giving an adrenalin thrill of a different sort altogether. You can also watch the gorgeous Catherene Falls in the distance, cascading down the hilly terrain.