“Education is a social process….. Education is growth…….. Education is not a preparation for life, education is life itself.”

Mission of Army Public School is to develop the students of the school not just in academics and knowledge but also in
extracurricular activities.

The school aims to create an extremely effective nationally known Centre of Education which will not only produce students of high level achievement but also help train the next generation of teachers.

To work with parents to encourage students to reach their full potential and enable them to discover and focus on their interests and talents to pursue their goals.

To offer a safe and orderly environment for learning and also an environment that will wholly nurture the child-body and mind.

To instill in students the thirst to participate in highly engaging learning, develop leadership qualities and communication skills, a spirit of scientific inquiry and develop scientific skills in addition to learning to build good relationship with other students and staff members.

To build a caring, attentive and qualified team in APS to work hand in hand to meet the needs of every child.