Breeks Memorial Anglo-Indian Higher Secondary School is a Christian Co-educational School established in 1874.It was named after James Wilkinson Breeks, the first Commissioner (District Collector) of the Nilgiris. It was erected for the children of poor Europeans and Eurasians by public subscription shortly after his death, as a memorial to his services to the Nilgiris community.

On the death of Mr.J.W.Breeks the first commissioner of Nilgiris in 1872, it was decided that a memorial in the form of a school should be built in his name. The public, government, municipality and the trustees raised fund. The foundation stone of Breeks Memorial School was laid in 1872, the school was completed in 1874.

The school was started in a heritage building, which is now a part of the Nilgiris District Court complex. The district court with its unique clock tower which is one of the oldest in Tamilnadu, was originally a part of Breeks Memorial School. It was then moved to Charing Cross near the Adams Fountain in 1886. The special architectural features are the cloister vault roof, the arched masonry decorations seen above many of the rectangular doors and windows, gable decoration above the central building.

It was in this institution where Lord Macaulay coined the syllabi of the education system for India under the British rule, which still remains as the backbone of Modern Indian Education System.He called an educational system that would create a class of anglicised Indians who would serve as cultural intermediaries between the British and the Indians. By doing so, Macaulay wanted to “educate a people who cannot at present be educated by means of their mother tongue” and thus, by incorporating English, he sought to “enrich” the Indian languages so “that they could become vehicles for European scientific, historical, and literary expression”. The distinguished alumni consists of many prominent citizens who are well known in their professions and are serving society in various ways both in India and abroad The School is affiliated to the Anglo-Indian Board of Education.