Nizams British International School, NBIS is promoted by Dr.M.A.Mohamed Nizam, who in the last Nineteen years of exceptional repute and illustrious branding, founded ten great institutions offering professional programmes in Engineering, Architecture, Business Management, Education and Nursing inclusive of Polytechnic and School education programmes, at Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu, India, in the capacity of Secretary and Correspondent of the M.A.M. Group of Institutions. Dr.Nizam is currently widening his reach to make his scheme of education available to all, in India and abroad.

The educational programmes at NBIS are selectively superior in offering every student a broad range of subjects across a broad curriculum. The self discovery centered learning environment at NBIS is rich and resourceful and we are sure that every student shall make the best of his / her stay at this great institution. The faculty members of NBIS are drawn from the best of the academicians worldwide. The international faculty members at NBIS shall give the students an added advantage of growing under multi-cultural setup and with an international outlook. All the faculty members of the school are specially trained by experts from UK.

NBIS is fully furnished and capacitated to award an all round experience in its pursuits to its inmates, be it academic or athletic, competitive or adventurous, pioneering or professional. The multitudinous clubs and activities of the institution are appropriately led by the competent masters and are affiliated to relevant associations, such that, every student at NBIS has the distinctive advantage of being an NBian. The students at NBIS are prepared to become internationally competitive and successful in all their enterprises and endeavors of their like and slant.

Why Choose us ?
To any child, NBIS is a home away from home and is a world within their grasp. Thus NBIS is a great boon to every parent aspiring to give not just a world class education to their children but also an International edge and experience to their prodigy, at undetering costs and matchless quality.