Riverside Public School is a secular, co-educational, day and residential school dedicated to the idea of empowering children to confidently face the world.
We believe that every child is capable of achieving this. Whether in the field of academics, sports, arts or music, we believe that every child has inherent talents that we strive to unearth and foster through individual attention. No matter how off-beat, they are encouraged to excel in their chosen fields, leading to a sense of self-belief and confidence.
In this drive towards excellence, the school is well aware of the need to have discipline and children are encouraged to achieve this from within rather than by enforcement. Also important is the need to socialize and empathize. An extensive program extending from the kindergarten to the 12th grade is in place to ensure that all this happens.
To have a happy childhood is one of life’s greatest blessing and every effort is made to create an atmosphere free of fear, prejudice, partiality and categorization. So we are not surprised to often hear – “Oh! The children here are very happy!”.