Wisdom is the breath of God that spreads over all creation inviting man to share in His creative power, foster harmony on earth and to return to the Divine. Dwelling among men is Wisdom, to show us the way, the truth and the light.

The Montfortian mission in education seeks to rise above all divisions and offer humanity practical knowledge rather than philosophical thought, to lead God’s people from the unreal the real.

The teaching fraternity of St. Antony’s is moulded in this faith. Her infrastructural development is programmed to grow with ever widening thought and action to prepare a future where man and nature will live in harmony. With Wisdom leading the way, society will be made anew, where everyone will conquer the darkness of ignorance with the light of knowledge where poverty will have no room, but prosperity will reign, where untruth will fade away and truth will always shine forth, where neglect and loneliness will turn into joyous companionship and where war will no longer terrorize man but peace will prevail.

Educating children is not only the answer to persistent poverty of all kinds – physical, mental, spiritual – but also the key to our very future on this planet.

To be part of St. Antony’s School is to share the mission and vision of St. Montfort. Together we will work for God’s kingdom here on earth.