The  Ooty  Lake  is  the  pride   of   the   Blue   Hills.   It  is    the   central   and   strategic  attraction.  Mr. John  Sullivan  formed  this  artificial  lake  in   the   year   1824,   the   then   Collector  of  Coimbatore. The  Ooty  lake  which  extends  to   an  area  of   65   acres.The lake gradually shrunk in size giving place to the present racecourse, the bus stand and mini garden.  Earlier  the   entire  lake  was  used  for  fishing.   The  Tamil Nadu  Tourism  Development  Corporation  on  behalf  of  the  Tourism  Department  took  the  possession  of  the lake  for  pleasure  boating  facilities  in  the  year  1973.

At the far end is the Boat House, where all kinds of boats are available for hire from eight in the morning to six in the evening. Surrounded by lofty eucalyptus trees and shrubs the lake is a scenic delight to ones from the concrete jungles.At the boat house end, there is children’s park with a toy train. A deer park is located in the adjacent area. Just outside the Boat house local ponies are available for jolly rides.